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To report a serious incident to DPC, as required by Section 85(2) of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, licensees should contact the serious incident report no: (08) 8463 6666.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Public Comment on SAPEX Limited's Statement of Environmental Objectives is being sought. The deadline has been extended until the 4th June 2018. For more information on how to add your submission, please see

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SARIG online wizard

The DSD information sheet M05 Mineral exploration licences - general conditions, procedures and information (.pdf) provides general conditions, procedures and information on ERA and EL applications and subsequent renewal of an EL. 

For more information on applying for an ERA (Exploration Release Area) see Minerals Regulatory Guideline MG17 Guidelines: applying for mineral exploration release areas (ERAs) in South Australia (.pdf) 

The Tenement Online Wizard (Applications) widget is located in the Menu Toolbox under Tenements drop-down as shown below.  

Five options are available:OH_TenementOnlineWizard1

  • Apply for a New EL
  • Apply for a renewal or subsequent EL
  • Apply for an ERA
  • View or continue a current application 


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SARIG online wizard reference number and security code

When applying for a an exploration release area, new, or a renewal or subsequent exploration licence, SARIG Online Wizard will generate a pop-up form that contains a reference number, security code and a checklist of the required documentation to complete the application. 


The reference number and security code can be used to retrieve and edit applications prior to application lodgement with Mineral Tenements.

Once a reference number is generated all populated fields and document uploads are automatically saved. To retrieve the application use the view or continue a current application option located under the tenements menu. When an application has been submitted you may retrieve the application at any time but not edit the form.

The security code is not recorded by Mineral Tenements- you will need to keep your own record of the security code for future reference. Mineral Tenements recommends that you print a copy for future reference - the print button is located on the pop-up form. 

Note:note_icon_blue The submit button is only available for use during the 'open for application' dates. Online applications can be pre-populated prior to the open dates and submitted at a later date by using the view or continue a current application option.

OH_TenementOnlineWizard3The reference number can be used when contacting the Minerals Tenement Branch or the SARIG Manager to enable processing queries.



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SARIG EL application example

When you Apply for a New EL is selected from the Menu Toolbox,  multiple map layers are automatically turned on to show where possible open ground is available.  

  • SARIG does not check if area is available.
  • SARIG allows up to three application area’s to be drawn per session. 

OH_TenementOnlineWizard5Draw and calculate new application area instructions

Step 1: Click the  Start button on the Drawing Widget, On the SARIG Map create a polygon of the area of the application by using the mouse (click) to draw points(s).

Step 2:  Click the Close button to finalize the application area. Once closed the  area will be calculated.  If multiple applications are drawn - Repeat Steps 1 - 2.

Step 3: Click the Print button to generate a map in PDF file format.

Step 4: Click the Apply button to proceed to the SARIG online EL application form. 

Tenement information links

The Menu Toolbox - Tenements drop-down offers various links to the Minerals website.  To access these links click the drop-down heading in SARIG.  

Mineral exploration licence (EL) information

  • 1:2M EL Map : Map of Mineral Explorations Licences of South Australia, updated daily
  • EL Applications List (M01): List of all Mineral Exploration Applications, updated daily
  • EL List (M02): List of all Mineral Exploration Licences, updated daily
  • ELs List (M03): List of all Mineral Exploration Licences (ordered by Company), updated daily
  • EL List (M04): List of all  Mineral Exploration Licence Holders (including company addresses and contact numbers), updated daily
  • General Conditions and Procedures (M05) 

Tenement returns elodgements (TRel)

DSD has released the Tenement Returns e-Lodgement application (TReL for short) to enable clients to submit tenement mining returns and royalty payments in a secure online environment.

TReL requires a username and password: To obtain a TReL account, complete Form 31  - you can register some or all of the tenements you currently complete mining returns for, even if they are held by different holders. 

For more details on obtaining a TReL user account, please contact:

Royalty Compliance Unit
Mineral Resource Division
Phone: +61 8 8463 3095

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Application status tracker

TenementsStatusMenuThe Application Status widget provides users with the ability to view the current status of an application lodgement and track its progress from received and validated through to the application outcome.

The Application Status widget is located in the Menu Toolbox under Tenements drop-down as shown below.

Step 1: Select the Application Status option on the Menu and choose an application map layer from the drop down as shown below. 

Choose an application map layer from the drop down menu

When a map layer is selected the corresponding spatial layer will automatically turn on and be visible in the SARIG map window.

Step 2: On the SARIG map window, use the mouse to click an application area. The Application Status widget will expand to display the application lodgement status of the selected application.

In this section:

Mouse navigation 

When using the Application Status widget the current action of the mouse will be activated to Application Status as illustrated below (top left - Current Action: Application Status).

Current action: Application status will be activated when using the Application Status widgetThe SARIG navigation toolbar may be utilised (Pan, Zoom in and Zoom out) while using the application status widget, but the mouse navigation action will change to the selected navigation tool action.

Click this icon to return to mouse navigation Click the arrow icon located on the Application Status widget to return the mouse navigation action back to ‘Application Status’ 

Application status widget

The 5 tabs of the Application Status widget 

The Application Status widget has five tabs displaying data retrieved from Minerals Tenements electronic mining register, the Tenement Management System (TMS). These tabs represent major steps identified in the application process.

  1. Received and Validated: application has been received and determined to be valid in accordance with the Mining Act.
  2. Assessment: DSD and external agencies: DSD technical assessment of valid applications, including consultations with other Government Agencies, and formulation of licence conditions.
  3. Prepare Offer: DSD Mineral Tenements preparation of Letter of Offer, including approval from the Minister's delegate.
  4. Offer Made: offer of a mineral exploration licence has been made and is being considered by the applicant.
  5. Outcome: the offer of a mineral exploration licence (EL) has been accepted by the applicant and will be granted on completion of statutory advertising (28 days) and DSD administrative procedures.

The colour of the tab indicates the stage (status) of the application.

  • Green: process complete
  • Orange: in progress
  • Red: information requested or pending
  • Grey: process has not commenced

The Application Status widget also displays a sequence of three dates:

  • Date Started: date on which this stage of the process commenced
  • Target Completion: date nominated by DSD within which a routine application should be completed for this stage of the process
  • Date Completed: date on which this stage of the process has been completed 

Application status details

Further details may be available for an application process. To view details use the mouse to click the required tab header. The Application Status widget will expand further to display details for the selected process. 

Grey Headers are not accessible due to no details being documented until the process has commenced.

 View of the application status bar showing tabs and details displayed 

The details in the Application Status widget are represented in three colours:
  • Grey: Application process has been completed
  • Black: Application process is in progress and required tasks are complete
  • Red: Application process is in progress and required tasks are not complete

Information that is available in the Exploration Licence Application (ELA) details:

  • Additional Information: additional information has been requested from the applicant by DSD.
  • Circulation: consultation or approval is required from other government agencies
  • Assessment delayed pending DSD resolution of an issue: a specific issue has been identified during DSD's assessment process and is required to be resolved by DSD before the application can be progressed further, e.g. a land access government policy or legal issue
  • Term: initial licence term offered to the applicant
  • Total Exploration Commitment: exploration expenditure required to be spent during the specified licence term to satisfy conditions of the exploration licence
  • Advertised: in accordance with section 28(5) of the Mining Act the Minister’s intention to grant an exploration licence must be advertised in the Government Gazette and a State and a regional or local newspaper a minimum of 28 days before the licence may be granted.  The data shown provides the commencement of the statutory 28 day period.

Information requested or pending 

An application date field may display Information Requested or Pending highlighted in red. In this case the Target Completion dates are removed as a specific issue has been identified during DSD's assessment process and is required to be resolved by DSD before the application can be progressed further. To view details use the mouse to click the corresponding tab header.

Once the issue has been resolved and the application progresses the Target Completion dates are re-calculated and re-populated.

Application Status Reporting

Two reports are available in PDF through the SARIG Application Status widget.

  • Application Report: report displaying application reference, application date sequence and details.
  • Applicant Report: report with a compilation of current applications (not yet granted) for the selected applicant.

To access status reports click the blue hyperlink field (see image below)

  • Application Report: click the Print Application Report hyperlink
  • Applicant Report: select the applicant name, where there is more than one applicant you can generate a report for each applicant. 

How to get a report from the application status bar

Note:note_icon_blue If you see the message: “There is a problem with the selected Application” please contact Mineral Tenements 

For more information, contact:

For more details on obtaining a TReL user account, please contact:

Royalty Compliance Unit
Phone: + 61 8 8463 3095

For more information on Tenement applications contact:

Mineral Tenements
Phone: +61 8 8463 3103
Christie Gerrard
SARIG Manager

Phone: +61 8 8463 4012

Customer Services
Level 7, 101 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Phone: + 61 8 8463 3000