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Papua New Guinea visit to Adelaide

exploration data releases October 2016

Nigel Long (SACOME); Maria Galatsanos (DSD); Paul Sargent, Lecturer in Oil and Gas at OPCE (formerly of Santos); Hon. Nixon Duban MP, Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Papua New Guinea; Barry Patterson, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; Marisa Thayuman, Tonsley Precinct Marketing and Communications Manager; Graham Creed, Principal Lecturer Fabrication and Mining, TAFE SA at the Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence Training Facility.

On Tuesday 4 October Papua New Guinea Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Hon. Nixon Duban MP visited the Department of State Development Energy Resources Division executives to discuss South Australia's regulatory framework and one window into government.

With a specific interest in downstream Liquefied Natural Gas, renewable energy energy and energy regulation the Hon. Nixon Duban visited the Tonsley precinct's Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE) Training Facility, an initiative of South Australia's Mining and Petroleum Services Centre of Excellence which aims to bring together resource companies, research institutions and service businesses to develop the capability and capacity of supply chains into the resources sector.

The OPCE was established through collaboration of oil and gas producers, the South Australian government and TAFE SA, providing a training facility that is the nation's and South East Asian region's premier destination for learning and innovation in oil and gas. The facility provides a fully immersive simulated oil and gas production environment to be used for technical training, including safety, environmental and sustainable operational principles and key maintenance activities.

Also at the Tonsley Precinct, Ms Elinor Alexander, the Department of State Development's Director, Geology and Exploration, Energy Resources Division accompanied Hon. Nixon Duban on a tour of the recently opened South Australia Drill Core Reference Library. This state-of-the-art facility hosts representative samples of any drill core and cuttings generated by mineral and petroleum exploration companies in South Australia during tenure to the Department of State Development.

exploration data releases October 2016

Elinor Alexander, Director of Geology and Exploration, Energy Resources Division, Department of State Development with Hon. Nixon Duban MP, Papua New Guinea inspecting drill core at the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library.

Hon. Nixon Duban visited Adelaide as a guest of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and was accompanied by Ms Emily Luck, First Secretary, Australian High Commission, Port Moresby and Mr Barry Patterson, Deputy Director, South Australia State Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.